8 - Years Of Experience

Supply Medical Equipment and Goods

Welcome to Life Source International.

Life Source International is a supplier of professional Medical Equipment, Instruments and Consumables in Bangladesh. We started our journey from the year 2014 in the medical equipment providing field though we are professional team with many years of experience.

Our company provides comprehensive and professional customer service experience with cost-effective and high-quality products. The tireless efforts and dedication of our team has made Life Source acceptable to customers to maintain a long-term business relationship. Our company not only pays attention to product quality, but also pays attention to corporate culture and team cohesion. By introducing better and more environmental friendly technologies, Life Source focuses on customer demand for the right products, solutions and services. The company meets the future trends with sophisticated products, services and processes that systematically support our global activities.

We have named it “life source international” because we want to be the source of each and every patient’s life, that’s why our motto is “Patient Trusts you, you trust us”.